The Global Education guidelines is meant to be a pedagogical tool to support educators from formal and non-formal systems to understand and put into practice global education activities in their respective contexts.

By presenting global education philosophy and content, related methodology and evaluation issues and by sharing existing practice, tools, resources and bibliography, the guidelines aims at strengthening global education fundamentals and practices.


Chapter A - What is Global Education?
    Definitions and Declarations Global Education as Transformative Learning Process
Chapter B - Why Global Education?
    Our world today: a globalised world Learning for our Global Society Aims
Chapter C - Concepts
    Knowledge – suggested content areas Skills Values and Attitudes
Chapter D - Methodology
    Fundamentals for Global Education Methodology Methodological approach in Global Education Methods for practicing Global Education Criteria for planning and evaluating Global Education actions Criteria for selecting and evaluating resources Criteria for curriculum design for formal and non-formal settings Evaluation
Chapter E - Bibliography & Resources
Appendix 1 – Maastricht Global Education Declaration
Appendix 2 – Global Education Charter